Responsive Typography is a Physical Discipline, But Your Computer Doesn’t Know It (Yet)

Physical size affects optical issues that change how the eye and brain process typographic images. Not surprisingly, typographers and typeface designers have been compensating for optical size-related issues as far back as Gutenberg.

Nick Sherman covers the most frustrating parts of typography in digital design. Given how crucial type is to HCI (your interface should be navigable by type and grid alone), it’s surprising that over 20 years after the launch of the first web browser, this nut still hasn’t been cracked. 

Frisbees and Coffee. The Perfect Combination.

The story of Alan Adler, creator of two of the best products you’ve ever used.

British Pathé just uploaded their entire 90,000 video library to YouTube. Amazing.

A Short Stop-Motion Animation Featuring 3D-Printed Bears Ascending Stairs.

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